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See February 2017 OWQA Newsletter - includes highlights of 2016 meeting.

Yard signs can be a powerful way to build your brand in the market
When used effectively on the properties of residential and commercial customers yard signs can help bolster your local reputation. This implicit endorsement by friends and neighbors helps to reinforce your trustworthiness in the community.

The laws that govern the placement of these signs in public thoroughfares and public spaces such as shopping centers are as varied as the locations themselves. Each municipality regulates the use of these signs in their own way. County, state, and federal roads all address sign placement and permissibility differently. If you choose to utilize yard signs in these public places, be advised that you must fully investigate and understand these rules or risk steep fines.

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Ohio Water Quality Association

The Ohio Water Quality Association (OWQA) is the state trade association representing the water treatment industry.

OWQA works in Ohio with government agencies, consumer protection groups and other associations to guard the rights of homeowners and Ohio Water Treatment Professionals.

Each OWQA member pledges to uphold all principles of fair, competitive selling.

OWQA is proud to support the Water Quality Association. WQA is the international trade association representing the household, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry. The WQA offers a wealth of information right at your fingertips and can be reached by clicking on the link in the main menu at the top of the page.

Scholarships Available

OWQA has a scholarship fund that offers support to up to four students each year. An application form and eligibility rules are posted below.

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Eligibility Rules.

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If you are considering soft water treatment,
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Consumer Protection Standards Help Build, Keep Public Confidence
OWQA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics concerned with business practices that encourage consumer respect. As a result, our water treatment industry has earned public confidence at a period when many other businesses have lost it.

OWQA Code of Ethics
The members of this association pledge to uphold all principles of fair, competitive selling. So that we may merit the esteem of the customers in the communities we serve.

1. We offer honest, truthful, clear and completely described values at all times in all circumstances.

2. We tell our customers all they wish to know and everything they are entitled to know about our products and services so that they may make informed decisions and enjoy maximum satisfaction.

3. We use and therefore stand behind only those guarantees and warranties which are reasonable, specific and may dependably be fulfilled.

4. We avoid the use of misleading devices or schemes which could tend to promise capacity or performance beyond the limits recommended by the manufacturers of our products and supplies.

5. We sell our products and services on their own merits, without attempting to downgrade those of our competitors. For we all belong to one industry and the public reputation of that industry is dependent upon our individual integrity.


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